04.16.09 9 years ago 42 Comments

TODAY IN KSGAY HERSTORY: One year ago today Blog Martyr Par Sexcellence Christmas Ape gave away his only halfassed job for your dick joking sins, when The Washington Post (4th quarter revenue only down 77 percent!) fired him (okay, forced him to quit) for posting a picture of himself wearing a Hines Ward jersey which embarrassed the paper because they hate Asians. Hopefully others can follow in my path. CBS Sportsline columnist Gregg Doyel laments the decline of the newspaper because it will prevent other Philip Rivers caricaturists from being discovered. In semi-related news, in a few short weeks I will begin whoring my upcoming book, “The Football Manifesto”, which doesn’t make the mistake of sticking a lame-ass soccer ball and a basketball on the cover like Drew’s book, but does make the mistake of coming out when people don’t have jobs and can’t afford food and water, let alone hilarious profanity-laden books about sports that will change the way you live and love.

Oh yeah, and John Madden retired (should’ve been you, Kornheiser). BUT WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH WITH MEMEME!?

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