TMZ Releases Video Footage Of Alleged 2 Chainz Robbery

06.13.13 4 years ago 36 Comments

2 chainz arrested weed

2 Chainz doth protest too much, methinks.

Earlier this week, Two Necklaces fired off a tweets with explicit reasoning as for why he was never robbed. Of course, his story refutes TMZ’s original report that he did get jacked.

Now, when will rappers – or anyone for that matter – learn that calling TMZ liars will only cause them to dig up more evidence and dirt? That’s exactly what they did by getting their hands on grainy surveillance footage that shows a group of men – reportedly 2 Chainz and his crew – running from a suspect who looks to be welding a firearm. Again, the video isn’t HD and the figures are hard to make out but, if I was asked “who do you believe?,” I’m going to go with TMZ.

Let’s be clear in stating that a robbery and assault are no joking matters. For that reason, I’m glad Tity and co. escaped without harm if they were indeed robbed. But, there’s no reason act as if it didn’t happen if it looks like event did occur. 2 Chainz is a smart guy who clearly understands the streets but also has a higher understanding outside of the rap character he plays. As smart as he is, I don’t think anyone would consider him less of a man if he originally said “Yeah, they tried to catch me slippin’ and ended up taking one of my two chains. But, those are material possessions. All that mattered is I walked away with my life.” Nope, the current issue would’ve been a non-issue.

I’m not a forensic analyst but I can’t wait to hear Chainz explain this one away.

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