2$ Fabo – We Amongst U Mixtape

01.09.14 4 years ago 5 Comments

2$ Fabo We Amongst U mixtape cover

Ever since someone hit me on Twitter to tell me that Fabo’s video for “Catch Me Off Dat Molly” looked like it was shot on an iPhone, I’ve more or less associated that mental picture with Fabo. Fortunately, though, We Amongst U does not sound like it was recorded from using a cell phone.

Fabo, who now goes by 2$ Fabo,* is back with 22 tracks. Not sure who keeps telling these dudes that mixtapes that long are a good idea, but I’d have to say 20 tracks isn’t even enough tracks to contain his weirdness. There are the typical bombastic beats of the trap variety, but he also gets deeper “How The F*ck Did I Get Here?” so anyone considering listening should prepare themselves by consuming copious amounts of their drug of choices, just to get on 2$’s level.

Download2$ Fabo – We Amongst U Mixtape

* — How awesome is this? Do you know how dope it is to see people’s expressions when you use whip out a $2 bill from your wallet to pay for something?

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