20 Years Later, Nas Releases A Video For “Represent”

07.15.14 3 years ago 14 Comments

nas represent video

Let me tell you something whoadie. My memory isn’t the best but it’s way worse when it comes to storing song lyrics away for the long term. However, there are two Nas songs I will be able to recite until the death of me or until Alzheimer’s corrodes my brain. Those two songs would be “NY State Of Mind” and “Represent,” both of which appeared on Illmatic.

So it is with joy and pain that I say Nas up and decided to release a video for “Represent,” 20 years after the fact. The clip itself isn’t bad. Director Jason Goldwatch and Brian Katz, a fan who won a contest, collaborate on a visual that used splices together images and video of God Son’s over the years alongside footage from the 1924 silent film The Thief of Bagdad, which Premier originally sampled for the song. That’s cool and all because it breathes new life into an amazing track, thus making it interesting and perhaps relevant to younger fans.

But damned if I didn’t click play expecting to see ancient video footage of Nas, Jungle, Tragedy and maybe Cormega, all draped in baggy Guess, fatigue jackets and Timbs while smoking oowops and doing hand-to-hands on a dark street in QB. Calling each other “dun dun” and shit.

Maybe I should’ve entered that damn contest.

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