20 Years Of Nike Basketball Designs: The Air Hyperflight

08.05.12 5 years ago 2 Comments

Want to talk early online hype for shoes? Focus on Nike’s Air Hyperflight which had the Internet going nuts in 2001. The Hyperflights were precursors of the “go lighter” movement with “a track spike silhouette for the court” composed of what looked like shiny plastic material. What drove people wild were the array of colorways the shoe was available. Nike came out of the gate gunning with what seemed like 20 colors. Reds, blues, deep purples, burnt oranges and outrageous yellows. But it’s the one colorway that didn’t drop that caused the biggest uproar.

The “Iridescents” were a multi-hued mirage of colors that had heads foaming for the change to buy them. The fervor was so high petitions were initiated to get those bad boys released but to no avail. But what the colorway and the want showed was that buyers were open to change in the basic colors they were so used to seeing.

Not to mention the Hyperflights came to life during rise of the streetball era and the famous “Freestyle” ad campaign, which Time named as one of the best of 2001.


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