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This Girl Really Loves Cats, And She’s Available

By 06.09.11

It’s so secret that we here at Uproxx love cats. And it’s also no secret that we like pretty ladies. So combine a pretty lady with a love of cats and, well, we just can’t help but wanna whip out our dongs and take a pics of them with our phones! (Well, not really, but hey EVERYBODY’S doing it!)

Speak of the devil, here’s a nice, pretty lady who couldn’t help but express her love for cats on her eHarmony profile. She’s what I like to call a FOCCLILTF (Future Old Crazy Cat Lady I’d Like To…Ahem). By the way, this is probably faker than the fake Facebook profile pic sleeve tattoo video, but I don’t care — I’M IN LOVE, DAMMIT!

And oh, speaking of online dating, do yourself a favor and go read James Altucher’s story about how he once tried to launch a Twitter dating service. It’s pretty damn amazing.

(HT: Stereogum)

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