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Meme Watch: The Zuckerberg Note Pass Is The Meme That Keeps On Giving

By 07.12.11

Based on what I’ve been able to determine just doing some amateur web sleuthing, the Zuckerberg note pass meme first popped up on the web in early April of this year, many months after The Social Network opened in theaters. Its premise is simple: It’s a multipane series taken from the lecture hall scene in the film. In one pane is the note-passer, in another is the actual note, with Eisenberg/Zuckerberg in the other one. For example…
Unlike many memes that come and go rather quickly, the Internet continues to have fun with this one, and it’s brought much joy to my life. I can’t stop laughing at it, in fact, as it’s remained remarkably relevant. Two months after Buzzfeed published a “best of” post on the meme and a Tumblr popped up to chronicle it, whenever people make news, or not, I’ve seen them continue to pop up in Zuckerberg note passes. And I can’t get enough of it. It is truly the meme that keeps on giving.
With that said, I threw together a bunch of my favorites. Enjoy…
This is believed by many to be the one that started it all…
Make your own!

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