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Eastwood, PBR, Hipsters, And The Feels Old Man Meme

By 08.04.11

Gran Torino hit theaters at the end of 2008, and I enjoyed the jocular use or racial slurs as much as anyone, but I guess PBR didn’t have quite the hipster connotation that it does now because I don’t remember anyone making the easy “Clint Eastwood is way better at drinking PBR than hipsters” connection back then. But  that’s exactly what happened a couple of days ago when Redditor Illah titled the Gran Torino movie still of Eastwood pounding PBRs on his front porch, “Attention Hipsters: This Is the Correct Way to Drink PBR”.
The internet immediately fell (back?) in love with the image. And I fell back in love with the idea that Clint Eastwood is sad everyone is a p*ssy. I wanted to run with a meme implementing Eastwood disapproving of how hipsters drink PBR. Alas, the follow through wasn’t there. Thankfully the crew at Slackstory decided to create “Feels Old Man: The Advice Meme for Young Old People”, where late twenty, early thirtysomethings lament on things that suddenly make them feel like an old man drinking PBR on a porch. It’s an acquired taste, but all the best memes are, and if you’re in the demographic and internet/pop culture friendly it hits home. I also appreciate the play on “Feels Good Man”.
So above I’ve made my own version of “Feels Old Man”, with the addition of young PBR-drinking hipsters tormenting Eastwood (my original take). To follow you’ll find my favorite “Feels Old Man” variations and then a couple of my own “Clint Eastwood Is Sad That Hipsters Drink PBRs Like P*ssies” variety. I don’t have any evidence but I’m also pretty sure Clint is responsible for making Sad Hipster so sad.

Source Slackstory Via Buzzfeed


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