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Hipster Parks & Rec: The 30 Hipsteriest Entries

By 08.12.11

At the risk — is there really a risk? — of bombarding you with too much Parks & Recreation web goodness in less than two weeks (previously here, here, and here) I couldn’t sit on magnificence that is Hipster Parks & Rec any longer. The concept is pretty much Parks & Rec quotes meets obscure Flickr photos meetsĀ Hipster Edits. The Tumblr was created back in March and it’s already over 34 pages, so let’s just say people seem to enjoy it.
My only complaint — besides the site being too mainstream — is not all the entries are hipstery enough for my tastes. I take my hipsteriness strong like my coffee, with no room for obvious punchlines or lack of irony. So I spent this morning slaving through all 34 pages (while you put the finishing touches on a few TPS reports) and selected the thirty hipsteriest entries, the onesĀ April Ludgate wouldn’t hate entirely. You probably won’t get them, but here they are anyway.


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