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Movie Quotes With A Gun

By / 08.19.11

Unless you’re someone who gets into “film” vs. “movies” debates there’s really no denying that the most @ss-kickingest memorable movie quotes always come accompanied with a gun. Pop culture graphic artist Edgar Ascensão and I clearly see eye to eye on this point. Yesterday on DeviantART he released six prints from his “Movie Quotes with a Gun” series and I’m seriously contemplating whether I want to hang the John MacLane one or the Harry Callahan one above my bed next to the flat screen that plays Scarface 24/7.
If you’re looking for ways to dispose of the minutes before clocking out for the weekend, I suggest creating hypothetical situations where you could actually use these lines in real life (likely without a gun, unless you’re a cop or slightly unhinged). I’m thinking I could do a mean Léon if I score that country club bathroom attendant gig. I’m also almost positive no one would bust me for quoting Robocop during Bon Jovi karaoke night.
DeviantART via Damn That’s Whack


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