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Of Course, Justin Bieber Went Cone-ing. Of Course He Did.

By 08.01.11

Hey remember cone-ing, that hilarious attempt to kick off a meme back in June by Australian YouTube star Alki Stevens? While cone-ing never quite took off the way I hoped it would — I suspect largely due to logistical hurdles (After all, it involves a vehicle, a drive-thru, a camera person and video editing/uploading) — it remains near and dear to my heart. And now Justin Bieber, of all people, appears to be attempting to bring it back.

Look, I give The Biebs credit for the effort here, but a) he’s a little late and b) the whole thing would be much funnier if it were just a montage of reactions by fast-food employees to Justin Bieber cone-ing them. This bit with the Frosty at Burger King was just uncalled for, and sort of mean, I think.

Frankly, the lady below did it much better

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