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Kick@ss Movie GIF Photosets: Part Two

By 09.02.11
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It’s time for our second installment of Kick @ss Movie GIF Photosets. I’ve earmarked several since our last check-in and dare say these may be even be more kick @ss than the ones included in Part I: Original Recipe. At the very least they should help get you in the mood to watch movies between football games over the long weekend, because unless I’ve been mistaken for many, many years Labor Day weekend is pretty much a national dare to see how un-laborious you can be.

Today we pay tribute to the Anchorman team, the Dude’s trippy dance sequence, a classic Eastwood showdown, and that one scene you always slowframe through in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I’d like to think sharing the gloriousness that is the full Anchorman set with the masses more than makes up for insinuating you can’t get laid if you spend all day quoting Anchorman, but a few of my virgin buddies may never let me live that one down though. Apologies again, fellas.

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