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By 11.14.11

PLEASE tell me you’re watching Happy Endings. Whether it was here or in person, if you reside in the continental United States there’s a good chance I’ve made an effort to make you feel incredibly unhip if you’re not. And apparently my efforts are paying off as the show continues to increase in popularity (having Modern Family as a lead-in probably doesn’t hurt either).
Adam Pally’s schlubby, gay, and pop culture obsessed guys’ guy Max Blum remains a primetime revelation (“I’m a chubby Chris O’Donnell, which in Chicago is like a regular Chris O’Donnell”) and I’m 100% certain is destined to go down as one of the greatest characters in television history. So good in fact that the media to follow is tremendous even without context. Enjoy!
And for the already converted, you’ll be happy to know building your own Steak-Tanic can be accomplished.
Sources: #Max Blum & F*ck Yeah Max Blum


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