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‘Archer,’ Podcasting, Lana Kane Cosplay, Veal Cutlets, And Truckasaurus Hands: An Interview With Aisha Tyler

By 01.17.12

Do you have Truckasaurus hands?

No, they’re delicate, and elegant, and long enough to knit a sweater using nothing but my fingers.

Would you ever take a transatlantic flight on a blimp?

No I would not. I would not ride to the corner on a blimp.

If you could voice another Archer character, who would it be?

Pam. Her character is just epic. I love everything she does and everything she says.

Yeah, she’s creeping into the #1 spot for a lot of people.

I’m happy to hear it. I’ll give her 2 and 3 as well. So funny. So edgy. Just so fully herself. The episode where she got kidnapped and beat the crap out of everybody. Took her shirt off and had that huge Lord Byron tattoo on her back. She’s just so great.

Can you do the Lana Stinkeye?

I’m going to look that up while we’re talking. (Mouse clicking.) Let’s see. Here we go. Oh, this is the vulva line. (Clicks and hums.) I mean, if the question is whether I can make a face like Lana I think the answer is yes. Let me try “stink+eye,” two words instead of one word. See if that gets me anything. (More clicking.) Oh, I could absolutely do the Lana Stinkeye.

We know you’re a gamer, what video game are you currently playing?

I took a little break over the holidays. Actually over the holidays – this is so humiliating to say out loud – we played “Just Dance.” We were with my nieces.

We’re doing the DLC for “Gears 3.” I’m still a third of my way into my 80 hours of “Fallout: New Vegas.” And what do we have on deck? We still haven’t played “Portal 2.” I’m usually a shooter so it takes a lot for me to play a non-shooting game. So “Portal 2,” and then “Black Ops,” and then “Modern Warfare 3.”

Next one: Ross or Joey?


You must get that a lot.

ALL the time. Greg Kinnear!

Jack Bauer or Gil Grissom?

Oh god, Jack Bauer.


Sterling Archer or James Bond?

Sterling Archer. Well…yeah, Sterling Archer. At least he’s honest about what a douchebag alcoholic he is, right? Although I will say Daniel Craig-James Bond kinda beats Archer. Old James Bond, Sterling Archer. New James Bond, Daniel Craig.

Are you planning on defending your Celebrity Jeopardy crown?

I really need to. You know, because I was the champ and then I got brutalized by Cheech Marin, which is about as humiliating as it comes. If they asked me back I would definitely go back because I love, love, love doing work for charity. I would study harder this time. Probably not be hungover, that would be good too.

Last thing. My colleague, Cajun Boy, wanted me to make sure I let you know that years back he was bedridden after back surgery and late night episodes of 5th Wheel were one of the few things that kept him going. So a big thank you from him.

That is so sweet. Tell him I said thank you very much. I hope his back is better.

“Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler” is currently the #2 comedy podcast on iTunes. Aisha will be touring this spring and summer. New standup dates are added all the time. She’s also in the new upcoming Jay Chandrasekhar movie, The Babymakers, co-starring Oliva Munn, Paul Schneider (Mark from Parks & Rec sighting!), and some of the guys from Broken Lizard. Huge thanks to Aisha for making the time for the interview. 

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