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20 Motivational Posters On Facebook That Mean Absolutely Nothing

By / 05.23.12
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No longer content with the well meaning, yet empty message of, “Hang in there, baby” (that cat is probably long dead), many Facebook users have swamped the social media website (and our Walls) with motivational posters – most of which mean absolutely nothing.

For instance, the picture above, of a chubby-cheeked baby hanging out with a fat cat accompanied with some floating unattributed text, reads, “Money might make you wealthy…but friends make you rich.” It’s a vacant feel-good phrase that makes little to no sense. You know what makes you rich? Money. Not images of babies and animals looking off into the distance (otherwise, we’d all be swimming in gold doubloons, Scrooge McDuck style.) Here are 20 other such utterly confusing motivational posters that have been making the rounds on Facebook.

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Is the horse the vehicle? Horses can’t fly. Or is it the bird in the background? But she’s not using it as a vehicle. Is she leading the horse to a watery grave? My head hurts. (Via)

Why would you thank anyone for crying? Also, science, get on making multi-colored tears. I call razzmatazz!

The saying’s meaningless enough, but the vibe this poster gives off is: seventh Hellraiser movie. (Via)

Justifications for acting “weird” are always obnoxious. If you actually were “weird,” whatever that means, you wouldn’t be worried about what others think of you. Also, “limited edition” implies that are dozens, if not more, people EXACTLY like you. WEIRD! (Via)

"And always twirling, twirling, TWIRLING towards freedom!" (Via)

Yeah, you got that, welfare folk. Keep your honesty away from me! (Via)

There’s probably another poster out there that begins, “Treat people like bills, not pennies – you wouldn’t throw away $5, would you?” Maybe I should get into this motivational who-ha racket. (Via)

You could say that about literally anything in the world. “Worry is like a spork. It will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.” Except for cars, I guess, because they do get you “anywhere.” That horse and/or bird from the earlier poster, too. (Via)

This sounds like the rationalization of a psychopath. “People who hate me are just the confused admirers, Ed Gein. They can’t figure out the reason why everyone loves me.” (Via)

Fear will then kill you, eat you, digest you, and poop you back out. (Via)

To continue the metaphor: they then wither and die. (Via)

The f*ck does that squirrel have to do with anything? (Via)

Let this depressed-looking monkey who was taken from his natural habitat and forced to wear a human sweater do all the talking for you. (Via)

Probably best to not look for advice, on a poorly & punctuated poster featuring a quote? from a 19/year#old pop!star] (Via)

The question mark at the end makes this a lot more ominous than it was meant to be. (Via)

The person who wrote that should really see a doctor. (Via)

Isn’t it the other way around? (Via)

What about 2:13 p.m.? (Via)

Ironically, the guy who took this photo was later golden showered on by another dove. He didn’t consider it a blessing. (Via)

When was the last time YOU listened to a puppy fart, or a whale sneeze, or an antelope take a dump? (Via)

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