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Hipster Cop Is Back, And He's Pissed

By 05.03.12

“I am NOT a young Gary Busey.”

That’s what our good friend The Hipster Cop, who we were introduced to last year, seems to be saying in the picture above. But actually, he’s yelling at a bunch of hooligans, a.k.a. a team of sound technicians preparing for JD Samson & MEN’s live show on May Day in New York City, to turn the sound down.

Gothamist spoke to event organizer Shane Patrick, who gave the following statement: “‘Hipster Cop’ may dress like a reject from a Vampire Weekend cover band but anyone who watches this video can see he’s more Andrew Dice Clay than Julian Casablancas.” BURN. Also, the dude from the Strokes was rejected by a Vampire Weekend cover band? Anyway, good to have you back, Hipster Cop, even if you do “hate music.”

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