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All Of Our Favorite Memes Get Even Classier In Gallery 1988's Art Show

By 05.08.12
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To celebrate their eighth year of serving up nostalgic art and meme-y goodness, Gallery1988 Melrose in Los Angeles held a tribute art show “based on the Internet’s best inside jokes.” Memes opened on Friday night, and the next day “Randall” — the voice talent of the very swearword-filled Honey Badger video — was on site to entertain and to sign some of the honey badger related prints. Consequences will never be the same.

We’ve collected some of our favorites from the over 100 works at Gallery 1988 as well as the meme-centric posters promoting the show. All photos via Gallery 1988 unless otherwise noted. Paintings and prints for some of these are still available here. Watch out for those shipping charges. They’re over under 9000.

Joey Spiotto “The Internets – Haters Gonna Hate” inspired by Various Memes [via]

Aled Lewis “Not Sure If Art” inspired by Not Sure If [via]

Aled Lewis “First World Problems”

Priscilla Wilson “Look At This Stuff. Isn’t It Neat? I Got It At A Thrift Store.” inspired by Hipster Ariel

Andy Gonsalves “The I Can Has Cheez-burglar”

Scott Benson “I Can Has Cheeseburger” [via]

I love this so much.

Scott Benson “I Can Has Cheeseburger” (detail) [via]

Dan Lydersen “The Eye Of Providence” inspired by Double Rainbow

Philip Tseng “Sad Hobo Clown Keanu”

Adam Hanson “…Like Those Things” inspired by Drinking Out Of Cups.

Seahorses. FOREVER.

Fernando Reza “Lemon Party” inspired by GOOGLE IT, I DARE YOU.


Cuyler Smith “Dick In A Box”

Derek Deal “Deal With It”

Casey Weldon “Face Palm”

Anthony Petrie “Nasty A$$ Honey Badger”

Graham Erwin “Honey Badger Don’t Care”

Clark Orr “Honey Badger Target”

Scott Campbell “Not Caring”

Laura Bifano “Honey Badger”

Jesse Riggle “Y U No Have Caption?”

Jenna Puente “Loafin’ Around” inspired by Cat Breading

Kiersten Essenpreis “Double Carbs” inspired by Nyan Cat and Cat Breading

Drake Brodahl “Space Toaster” inspired by Nyan Cat

Sho “Nyan Deco”

Allison Reimold “Nyan!” inspired by Nyan Cat

Carlos Ramos “So You Made A Willy Wonka Meme”

Jayson Weidel “The Phantom Apprentice” inspired by Star Wars Kid

Benjie “Prowlin'” inspired by Pedobear and Free Candy Van

Kiersten Essenpreis “Free Candy Van”

Meghan Stratman “I Heard You Like Memes…”

Kelly Vivanco “Pug Me Gusta”

Augie Pagan “I Like Turtles”

Karla Hansen “I Would Slap You…”

Mick Minogue “Old Spice-Guy & Wild Horse” [via]

Mick Minogue “Old Spice-Guy & Wild Horse” [via]

Mick Minogue “Old Spice-Guy & Wild Horse” [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” (detail) [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” (detail) [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” (detail) [via]

Mick Minogue “Nyan Cat Ship” (detail) [via]



Inspired by Art School Owl [via]






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