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Now We Know How Louis C.K. Came Up With That Time-Traveling White Guy Bit

By / 09.17.12

This Civil War soldier who kinda-sorta looks like Louis C.K. doesn’t do it for me anywhere near what Nic Cage: Time-Traveling Vampire does, but it allows everyone to make the easy connection to “Being White” and gives me a reason to embed one of my top five favorite Louis C.K. routines, so there’s that.

Over the weekend a Redditor shared “Louis C.K. during the civil war” in r/pics and — despite that the photo could pretty much be of any male member of the original UCB in an old-timey photobooth — people seemed to enjoy it, so there you go.

Full size below, followed by the best standup bit about race and time-traveling there ever was and ever will be.

NSFW audio, because it would suck otherwise.

Via The Daily What


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