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Sarah Silverman Made Another Hilarious Voter PSA

By / 09.21.12

Obviously, Sarah Silverman isn’t one to shy away from political activism. Remember the PSA she made in 2008 to try to get elderly Jews to vote? Or the time she promised to bang an old Republican billionaire if he donated a truckload of money to Obama?

Now she’s back with another PSA to increase awareness of the oppressive voter registration laws that have been passed in some states, and it’s pretty damn hilarious — not to mention informative if you’re not up to speed on the efforts to preventĀ  “voter fraud” by Republicans in some states. Short version of her message: make sure the people in your life don’t get “fucked in the a$shole” by “super f*cked up laws,” people who just so happen to be likely to vote for the black guy.

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