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The 20 Best Answers From PSY’s Reddit AMA

By 10.25.12


Salacious: How was meeting Ban Ki-Moon?
PSY_Oppa: it showed momentum of my life. much higher excitement than being #2 at billboard!!

Makah_Behr: Do you have a favorite Gangnam Style “spoof” video?
PSY_Oppa: ohio university marching band


OrlandoFurioso: Is Gangnam style intended to be a social critique, or is it just supposed to be fun?
PSY_Oppa: GS is not a critique, just FUN!
scott1990: That is the sound of thousands of redditors crying out in rage.

Kreamcheez: Who is one celebrity you want to meet that you haven’t already?
PSY_Oppa: tom cruise
(The best part of this is that dozens of Redditors then replied to this with just the words “Tom Cruise”.)

EointheGUY: Hello PSY. My question is, what part of the “American Lifestyle” seemed the most strange to you when you first came here? BTW my mom is South Korean.
PSY_Oppa: not taking off shoes indoors

GregorJLS: what is your favourite song you’ve made, besides Gangnam Style?
PSY_Oppa: find the song called “it’s art” at youtube
jargoon: Link (with subtitles) for the lazy and/or non-Korean

Axxcess: What are you dressing up as for halloween? Does South Korea have halloween?
PSY_Oppa: i heard my costume is costume of the year so this halloween i gotta dress more classy, as classy as possible.
ryan seacrest suggested i dress up as taylor swift for halloween!
there is no halloween in south korea.
EthanStrong: No Halloween? That sounds like the plot to a Disney TV movie in the making. A band of kids deliver the Halloween spirit to PSY.
Tom_Bombadillo: You have no idea how much I would watch this movie regardless of its quality.

faithful_sta11ion: Did you ever get bored doing the gangnam-style dance?
PSY_Oppa: there’s no time to be bored. i’m so busy doing the horse dance…
elvesandems: Inspirational quote of the decade. Here you go reddit:

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