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Is This The Greatest Photobomb Of All-Time? Yes, Probably.

By 11.08.12

When I think about what makes for a great photobomb, I believe the following things are needed…

1. A main subject or subjects — photobombee(s) — in funny/interesting/ridiculous situations. Say, a group of Americans posing outside of a McDonald’s in North Korea. Or, say, a horse stuck in a fence.

2. A photobomber atypical of your average photobomber, like, say, a cow.

3. A photobomber atypical of your average photobomber bearing a ridiculous facial expression, like, say, a cow laughing at a horse stuck in a fence.

The photobomb here has all of these elements. Toss in the fact that the photobomber and photobombee are both farm animals and you have what I consider to be the greatest photobomb of all-time. Paris Hilton with the oral sexing kangaroos is a close second.

(Crenk via NPR)


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