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Everyone Stop And Watch This Golden Eagle Snatch An Unassuming Kid (That May Or May Not Be Real)

By 12.19.12

(Sung to the tune of “Where Eagles Dare” by the Misfits)

I was sitting in the park one day
When I saw an eagle swoop down and I yelled, “Hey”
They pick up every child
They pick up every oblivious kid
With jaded eyes and sharp talons
You think they really care?

Because they’re a goddamn son of a bitch


In other words, watch this video, via Reddit, of a golden eagle gliding down from the sky to the ground, to grab and PICK UP an unassuming child in a park in Montreal. While listening to the Misfits, preferably.

UPDATE: according to Gawker, it’s most likely fake. Among other reasons:

Enhanced versions of the video as well as individual stills appear to reveal several flaws in the creator’s CGI: The eagle’s wing disappears for a brief moment while in flight; the bird’s shadow disappears and reappears at various times; the baby appears to be moving upwards after being dropped by the eagle; and the baby’s ragdoll-like fall suggests the physics are computer-made. (Via)

Can we will it to be real?

(Via Reddit)

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