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The Supposed ‘Nice Guys Of OkCupid’ Aren’t As Romantic As They Think They Are

By 12.20.12

A tip to all the fellas out there: never call yourself a “nice guy” on the Internet. First off, you kind of sound like an overcompensating d-bag. Secondly, if you do, you may end up on the new Tumblr blog, Nice Guys of OkCupid, which links to self-proclaimed “nice guys” who are stuck in the “friend zone” for reasons that are apparently clear to everyone but them. Like the gentlemen above: he’s a “decent guy” — it’s not his fault that he’s stuck in the dreaded #friendzone. Women everywhere are to blame, for being “superficial and disgusting.”
GET IN LINE LADIES. Let’s meet some more of OkCupid’s “nice guys,” who always finish last.


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