The 2013-2014 NBA Schedule Proves New York City Will Be The Sports Epicenter In Late January

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The NBA season is still a little less than three months away, but as least we can plan accordingly. Soon-to-be commissioner Adam Silver’s league released the complete upcoming schedule for the 2013-2014 season and I’m here to propose to the higher ups at Uproxx to send some brave soul across the country attending every arena while documenting the experiences. One weekend in particular is Super Bowl weekend in New York City.

Maybe this is all coincidence, or the Big Apple is literally attempting to break the bank with sporting events, the impending rush of entertainers and the unofficial 33rd Annual National Freakum Dress & Stiletto Convention (with NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans two weeks later!). Check out the slate.

Friday, January 31 – Oklahoma City Thunder @ Brooklyn Nets (ESPN) — Russ Westbrook and Deron Williams in a point guard battle that shouldn’t disappoint as long as Deron is invested. The always interesting Kevin Garnett vs. Kendrick Perkins verbal-sparring dynamic is involved. And of course, sources say that Kevin Durant guy is somewhat decent, too.

Saturday, February 1 – Miami Heat @ New York Knicks (ESPN) — This one markets itself all the way down from LeBron/Melo to when Mike Woodson allows JR Smith and World Peace to run wild which either signals the Knicks will go on a 15-2 run or watch Miami blow the game wide open once Smith and Peace launch ill-advised three after ill-advised three. Most importantly, however, it’s my 28th birthday.

Sunday, February 2 – Super Bowl XLVIII — It’s the damn Super Bowl, which may or may not be two hand touch by then if Roger Goodell’s #NewRules have any say-so.

K.D., LeBron and the Super Bowl? All in town for a weekend? Start saving money now. And that goes for residents or out-of-towners who plan on being in the mix. Anywho, the schedule for every NBA team is a click away, but leaving without dropping off a few dates to save in your phone was far from an option.

Opening Night
Magic vs. Pacers
Bulls vs. Heat
Clippers vs. Lakers

Christmas Day 2013
Bulls vs. Nets
Thunder vs. Knicks
Heat vs. Lakers
Rockets vs. Spurs
Clippers vs. Warriors

MLK Day 2014
Nets vs. Knicks
Lakers vs. Bulls
Warriors vs. Pacers
Pelicans vs. Grizzlies

Miscellaneous Games

October 30 – Magic vs. Timberwolves — Will I clear my schedule for this game? No, but I do believe if the T-Wolves can avoid the injury bug this season, they’re one of those last two seeds to sneak into the playoffs out West. Plus, this video of Victor Oladipo (and Cody Zeller) dunking on fellow rookies made me a fan and brought back awesome memories of when we used to do the same thing before Vine and YouTube took over pop culture. And you know what, perhaps Ricky Rubio will have some semblance of a jumpshot. Ok, nevermind.

November 11 – Cavaliers vs. Bulls — Kyrie Irving vs. Derrick Rose. Say no more. The NBA had me at “hello.”

November 16 – Nets vs. Clippers — A host of subplots in this game. There’s CP3 vs. Deron. There’s KG going up against the squad many thought he would land at before the Brooklyn mega-deal happened. These are two teams that have their eyes set on a title. And it’s Garnett and Paul Pierce squaring up against the coach they probably would’ve given a kidney or bone marrow to.

December 11 – Clippers vs. Celtics — Doc Rivers returns to Boston! To be quite honest, that’ll probably be the only storyline from this game. And if Rondo isn’t back by then, it definitely will be.

December 16 – Pistons vs. Pacers — Call me crazy, but I’m very, very interested to see how this new look Pistons team comes together.

December 23 – Pelicans vs. Kings — Nevermind the whole “Tyreke Evans comes back to Sacramento” angle, Anthony Davis vs. Demarcus Cousins is what we should all be looking forward to. Pending Boogie doesn’t pull “a Boogie” and get Boogie tossed.

December 28 – Heat vs. Blazers — Greg Oden’s emotional return to the scene of the crime(s).

January 17 – Warriors vs. Thunder — Defense may be a minimum in this game, and I’m fine with that.

January 20 – Lakers vs. Bulls — The main reason this game is here is because NBATV gave a soft projection Kobe could pass Michael Jordan for third on the all-time scoring list on a cold night in Chicago. Imagining the madness that would be #BasketballTwitter has me hoping this their projection is on the money.

January 26 – Nets vs. Celtics — K.G. and Paul Pierce’s first game back in Beantown. I’ve got the opening ovation for both lasting five minutes. Plus, I’m putting money on Garnett getting very emotional at the post game press conference.

February 3 – Blazers vs. Wizards — Hopefully the Wizards are still competing for a playoff spot by this time. Regardless, pencil me in for a spot in the Verizon Center to see Lillard vs. Wall.

February 19 – Rockets vs. Lakers — Heh. (FYI, the Rockets play in Orlando two weeks later on March 5.)

February 20 – Heat vs. Thunder — We’ll get to see Durant vs. James two times in less than a month (Thunder go to Miami on January 29).

March 14 – Cavaliers vs. Warriors — Just please, please, please, PLEASE let Steph and Kyrie be healthy. Bynum, too.

April 10 – Spurs vs. Mavericks — No shade to my guy Willie P whatsoever, but not many people are expecting much out of the Mavericks this year. So let’s say they don’t make me look like an idiot and end up going 38-44 next season. Dirk becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer and he’s been through the Mark Cuban song and dance before with no Dwight Howard, Deron Williams or Chris Paul to show. I say all that to say this. This could be the last nationally televised game for The German Sniper in a Mavericks uniform. It’s only fitting it’s against Tim Duncan, too.

April 12 – 76ers vs. Bobcats — You’re probably wondering “WTF?” But there’s a solid chance the Sixers may not have more than 20 wins by this point next. And if the Bobcats fail to live up to AJ’s expectations, this could be one of the most important games in deciding where Andrew Wiggins (and potentially names like Jabari Parker, Marcus Smart, etc.) begins his career.

That’s enough for now. Seriously, though, Uproxx, let’s talk about this nationwide NBA tour idea. Call it “Live From The Nosebleeds” or something like that where I sit in the 400 section of every arena taking in the game from the cheap seats. What doesn’t sound awesome about touring the country and getting to write about the game of basketball?

Call me the modern day Lewis and Clark.

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