The 15 Most Shpadoinkle GIFs From The Films Of Matt Stone And Trey Parker

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Even if Matt Stone and Trey Parker had never pitted Jesus against Santa, eventually leading to the creation of South Park as we know it, they’d still be comedy legends for giving the world Cannibal! The Musical. “Shpadoinkle” will never not be funny; it’s far and way the greatest made-up word from a movie about a guy who’s accused of eating his friends. Actually, Stone and Parker’s entire filmography is filled with classics (at least if you were a teenage boy in the 1990s), from Orgazmo to Team America: World Police, with BASEketball and of course South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut in-between.

Today is Parker’s 44th birthday, so in honor of him not dying, let’s take a look at some of his and Stone’s greatest movie GIFs. (Unfortunately, there aren’t many GIFs out there for Cannibal or Orgazmo, so I had to make due.) I maxed each film out at four selections, otherwise this post would be nothing but lines from The Mole.

1. Cannibal! The Musical

wyomingwyoming2wyoming 3wyoming4wyoming5wyoming6

2. Cannibal! The Musical

trey eyes

3. Orgazmo

Orgazmo unicorns

4. Orgazmo

bad bad mormon

5. BASEketball

hospitalstaco bell

6. BASEketball

13 14 times

7. BASEketball

dudedude2dude3dude4dude5dude 6

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