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By 11.08.13
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When one seeks fine art on the internet, taste must be of the highest of quality. Not just any random gif, Photoshop or sketch will do.  That is why the work being done at ‘Jim’ll Paint It‘ on Tumblr soars above, fulfilling an insane artistic desire you could only find on the Internet.

And it’s a simple process really: send Jim an idea and he will paint it. The more imaginative the better.

I am here to make your wildest dreams a reality using nothing but Microsoft Paint (no tablets, no touch ups). Ask me to paint anything you wish and I will try no matter how specific or surreal your demands. While there aren’t enough hours in the day to physically paint every suggestion I will consider them all. Bonus points for originality and humour. Use your imagination!

I’m consistently surprised at the quality of the work and the accuracy in which the scenes requested are depicted. One day it is Nazi pelicans and the next it’s Brian Blessed cold cocking a polar bear. It’s easily one of the must see Tumblr pages at any given moment and you can even give it some Facebook love as well.

Here is a sampling of some of the more outstanding work Jim has done so far.



Dear Jim,
Please paint for me Bill Murray (wearing his umbrella hat from Space Jam) simultaneously bathing a penguin in a bubble bath (with the pirate version of Matey’s bubble bath) whilst playing a game of curling. Monty Python and the Holy Grail’s Black Knight is one ‘sweeper’, the other is an overly enthusiastic David Schwimmer wearing a ‘Geology Rocks’ t-shirt. This is all taking place in a room reminiscent of the set for ‘Blind Date’ and Charlie Sheen looks on through a window juggling a can of Diet Coke, a grenade and a pack of Mentos.



Christian Bale shouting at Ben Affleck (whom is dressed in a homemade batman outfit) for not screwing in a light bulb correctly. They are on the set of the new batman film where everything is homemade and made mostly using Toilet Tubes and Duct Tape



Dear Jim,
Please paint a recreation of the russian roulette scene from the deer hunter using your choice of muppets.



The Chuckle Brothers recreating the pottery scene from Ghost only the pot is the Lionel Richie head from the Hello video.



Boris Johnson fighting off an alien invasion



Dear Jim,
Please paint me Judge Dredd’s adventures in Oz, complete with Tin Man Ricky Gervais, Scarecrow Hugh Laurie and an actual lion, who it has been impossible to inform of the script and is thus savaging a munchkin.


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