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It's The Great GIF Dance Battle: Paul Rudd Vs. Sam Rockwell

By 12.20.13

rudd rockwell

It’s the question we’re the only ones brave enough to answer: who’s the better dancer, Paul Rudd or Sam Rockwell? Obviously, they’re both dance machines, and if someone told me that one of them cuts loose in a movie, I would immediately plunk down $12 to see it, but they have different styles. Rockwell is far more flexible, preferring to flaunt his shirt-ripping sexuality, while Rudd’s goofier. One smiles, one smokes, both lose themselves to dance.

There are no losers in this contest; both Rockwell and Ant Man have won at life. Let’s do this, picking their five best dance GIFs, ranked by seed. Feel free to blast “Limelight” while reading this.

#5 Seed




The winner: Paul Rudd, with the Invisible Keyboard

#4 Seed

paul rudd anchorman dance


rockwell iron man

The winner: Sam Rockwell, with the Rock’s Well

#3 Seed




The winner: Sam Rockwell, with the Shirt Ripper

#2 Seed




The winner: Paul Rudd, with the Shiny Shimmy

#1 Seed




The winner: Paul Rudd, with the White Men Can Dance

There you have it, folks: Paul Rudd is the finest dancer in the land, by a 3-2 margin.

mac and me

Even Mac agrees, though he might be biased.

paul rudd pole

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