Coming Attractions: The 2014 Nike Basketball Easter Collection

03.28.14 4 years ago

Words By Retro Boogie

For a holiday known for fuzzy rabbits, pastel colors, and all sorts of activity for the children, there’s a sneaker release to counteract all of the feels. Nike Basketball’s 2014 East Collection is pretty tough. The corresponding gear, not so much.

Nike Lebron 11 Easter

Phew. Initially I wasn’t impressed with the first pictures of the Lebron 11 lows, but this changed my mind. The Angeleno in me perks up anytime paisley is done well on a shoe and the green accents on the lows come off almost closer to jade in color, especially with the glassy feel of the see-through cage on the heel cup. Fingers crossed that the breathable mesh on the tongue won’t yellow over time.

Nike Kobe 9 EM Easter

What’s to dislike about the Kobe 9 EM? They’re essentially an extension of the Kobe 8 Elite, and hopefully just as comfortable. Navy, aqua and lime green all compliment each other pretty well here. The marbling effect is also a nod to the process of Easter egg painting. Something the Black Mamba will have plenty of time to do this April.

Nike KD 6 Easter
Definitely the least subtle of the trio, the KD 6 comes in a duck/bubble camo pattern in the shape of rabbits. I’m sure cute animals will sure do wonders for Durant’s image on the court. That odd gold color make me think of St. Patrick’s Day moreso than Easter were it not for the rabbit imagery on the shoes. But at least there isn’t an awful pastel swoosh on them.

Two out of three solid kicks in a pack ain’t bad. Don Magic Juan is already setting some whore money for these.

The 2014 Nike Basketball Easter Collection drops April 18th.

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