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Here’s All The ‘Community’ Continuity From ‘Cooperative Polygraphy’ In A Handy GIF Set

By 01.20.14

We’re still all agreeing that last week’s Community“Cooperative Polygraphy” — was the best episode since back when we used to actively discuss whether the latest Community episode was the best Communty episode, correct? Cool, that’s what I thought.

To up the ante on your appreciation of the episode, the return of Dan Harmon, and the show’s attention to detail, all the Tumblrs out there have been documenting the continuity from the episode you may have missed. I think everyone’s aware of the brilliance of Britta’s Nano call forward, but here are a few more examples in handy GIF set form.

Long live new Community! Long live continuity GIF sets!

community-continuity-1 community-continuity-2

community-continuity-3 community-continuity-4

community-continuity-5 community-continuity-6

community-continuity-7 community-continuity-8

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