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The 12 Highest Rated Horror Films On Netflix Streaming

By 03.14.14

Rosebud Releasing

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Picking the best horror film is an almost impossible task: do you go for gore, scare factor or originality? Luckily, Netflix has an array of decent horror movies available for streaming, and while some are DEFINITELY more worthy of their ratings on this list than others, each has been vested with at least a million votes.

Unfortunately, Michael, Jason and Freddy do not appear on this list, but we do have Bruce Campbell, so there’s still hope yet. Break out your machetes and chainsaws, cuz Netflix streaming is about to get bloody.



Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil 4 stars out of 1,576,202 ratings.

I’m not sure what it says about Netflix’s horror offerings that the highest rated horror film offered is actually a comedy disguised as blood-splattered horror — maybe that Netflix needs to work out some deals with Wes Craven and John Carpenter? Tucker & Dale is actually a really solid fusion of both horror and comedy, spinning a yarn about a couple good-natured rednecks who have their weekend plans spoiled by a bunch of college kids who can’t seem to stop dying. Rotten Tomatoes 84, IMDB 7.6

let the right one in

Sandrew Metronome

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Let The Right One In 3.8 stars out of 1,362,920 ratings.

If you’ve only seen the carbon copied American version that came out a couple of years ago, do yourself a favor and watch the original. Not only is it probably the most original vampire movie of the last 20 years, its story of friendship between a young boy and adolescent vampires will pull at your heartstrings, before ripping them out in a fury of carnage. Rotten Tomatoes 90, IMDB 8.0


Constantin Film

Resident Evil 3.7 stars out of 4,587,687 ratings.

Why Resident Evil is ranked so high, I have no idea. Make enough films — each one slightly worse than the last — and people are bound to stream the first. A military lab experiment has gone wrong and thousands of mutated zombie creatures are running amok, it’s up to a covert team led by Milla Jovovich to save the world, and she does so while remaining incredibly sexy at the same time. Prepare yourself for lots of shots of Milla Jovovich flipping around in slow-mo and shooting blood-thirsty monsters. Rotten Tomatoes 68, IMDB 6.7



American Psycho 3.7 stars out of 2,999,656 ratings.

American Psycho works as both a satire of the hyper-materialistic 1980s and a terrifying slasher movie with some dry humor thrown into the mix. Based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel of the same name, Christian Bale is fantastic in his portrayal of a successful and completely psychotic investment banker who splits his time between dinning at trendy restaurants and splitting open the heads of prostitutes. Rotten Tomatoes 85, IMDB 7.6



The Cabin In The Woods 3.7 stars out of 2,167,466 ratings.

You’re probably either going to really enjoy Cabin In The Woods or completely hate it. Drew Goodard and Joss Whedon take the stereotypical horror storyline of teenagers being chased by an axe murder in the woods and flip it on its head in a surprisingly unexpected direction. Part horror, part comedy and part conspiracy flick, the movie works as a masterful dissection of its horror film predecessors. Rotten Tomatoes 73, IMDB 7.1


Rosebud Releasing

Evil Dead 2 3.6 stars out of 1,352,884 ratings.

There is Evil Dead 2 and then there is every other horror-comedy following behind in a trail of blood and guts. Sam Rami’s sequel to the first Evil Dead is a B-movie masterpiece loaded with special effects and truly rotten creatures of gore. Bruce Campbell and his girlfriend must put their chainsaw to good use when the dead descend on their cabin in the woods. Rotten Tomatoes 89, IMDB 7.9

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