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Watch A Pair Of Bulldogs Heroically Scare An Enormous Black Bear Right Off Their Property

By 05.08.14

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Have a bear problem? Consider adopting bulldogs.

It worked for the family that lives on the New Hampshire farm in the security footage above, which features a black bear wandering into their yard to check out a bird feeder. You can hear the dogs barking from the porch as the bear gets closer, and then BAM: they break through the railing and engage the godless killing machine in a (rather delightful) standoff.

Considering the name “bulldog” comes from the breed’s place in the sport of bull baiting — in which dogs were cruelly expected to grab a bull by the nose and pin it to the ground — the courageous nature of these little guys should come as no surprise. But it’s impressive and adorable nonetheless.

(Via Cue Foils)


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