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By 05.07.14

The US government will soon, possibly be able to break modern encryption.

There is a decent chance that the US government will break modern encryption as we know it in the next decade. Currently the government (namely the CIA and NSA) are some of the largest employers of mathematicians. The NSA has one of the largest data centers ever built by man, it is speculated that they are nearing a breakthrough and are getting ready to use it.

That sounds awesome until you think about the government being able to decrypt anything. Yeeeeeeesh.

Remember all the Malaysian Airline Flight 370 conspiracy theories? Well, this one will give CNN another two months of coverage. Sorry, guys:

GPS can be spoofed(faked). You can override the GPS signal with hardware of $1000. This can be used to move the position of a GPS-receiver to something else. Like say: an airplane is 1000 ft higher than it actually is. Combine this with a autopilot and a bye bye plane. (This can also be used with boats)

Air traffic control can be spoofed too. With $1500 (?) of equipment you can create your own virtual airplane on the screens at an airport. Create 10 fake airplanes and you will have a “where is waldo” game with planes. You can even make them crash. Even autopilot will react to avoid crashing into the ghosts.

There’s so much more that can be looked over on the Reddit thread. A lot of it is over my head because I’m not a programmer, so if any of you are, then you may know a lot of this, and if you don’t you best get to work on fixing a lot of these things and telling people what they should do to prevent themselves.


Meanwhile, I’ll impersonate John Connor and go off grid.

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