Brighten Your Day With This Super Fun Tail-Wagging Pool Party For Dogs

By: 08.25.14

Lakeview Park in Nampa, Idaho hold an annual “Pooch Pool Party” every year on the last day the pool is open to raise money for their dog park. The event — which costs $25 to register and includes a one mile dog walk — was held on August 23rd this year. Going by this video of happy dogs splashing around, it seems like the event was a rousing success. My old pooch will be nearly 14-years-old by the time of next year’s party (plus Nampa Idaho is a 36 hour drive, according to Google Maps), but in her younger years she would have loved the crap out of something like this.

So, really nice event supporting a local dog park, happy dogs having fun. How would you like to ruin this feel good moment, top YouTube comment?

le redditarmy

Why are everyone in US so fat?

Well, I don’t know le redditarmy — why are everyone outside of US English not good? Oh yeah. Nailed it.

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