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Russian Dashcam Captures Mickey Mouse And SpongeBob Imposters In A Creepy Road Rage Brawl

By 09.02.14

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Russia’s dashboard camera game has been spot-on the last few months. Earlier this year, we watched as a brave driver maneuvered down a dangerously icy road. And just the other day, we saw a very drunk woman totally face-plant onto a car. Now, newly surfaced footage captures what might be the strangest, most nightmarish incident of road rage.

Here, instead of an old-fashioned roadside scuffle, passengers dressed up as Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob Squarepants, and other cartoon characters come out swinging and ready to brawl. Perhaps these folks were on their way to a birthday party? Parade? Either way, it’s creepy as f*ck and will probably make you think twice about cutting off that slow station wagon.


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