10.27.09 8 years ago 24 Comments

IN SUMMATION, THE REDSKINS ARE NOT GOOD AND SHERM LEWIS IS A BETTER BINGO CALLER THAN COACH. Apologies for the lack of a recap last night, but I figure people would want to relive that abortion of a game as little as possible. Plus, I only got three decent screencaps before drunkenness and disinterest caused me to tune out early in the second half. Before the game, we did marvel at the repugnance of Chris Cooley’s adoption of the Eminem look. According to Maj, he was on the radio this morning saying “he was all excited because he wants to keep it and grow it out and keep going whiter and whiter. Then he got in the car last night and Christie basically told him he looked stupid and he needs to dye it back.” Sorry your cheerleader wife doesn’t approve of you turning into Jeff Reed, Chris. Also, here’s the Geico caveman tailgating before the game. No way Daniel Snyder arranged for him to be caught by cameras for money. And here’s a sad ‘Skins fan who’s liable to be the first guy to hang himself with a letter. And, as always, here’s the Matron Saint. Oh Suzy, you deserve better than this game.

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