11.27.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

CAN BROOKS BOLLINGER DO WHAT TOM BRADY COULD NOT?! Pee standing up? HARF HARF HARF. No, I mean complete a perfect season. That’s right, UFL title game! TUSKERS! LOCOS! J.P. LOSMAN! BROOKS BOLLINGER! VERSUS! 3 P.M.! I was actually considering live blogging the game, which I think will be easily more entertaining than the trio of blowouts yesterday, but sadly I have DirecTV, which no longer carries Versus because of some stupid cable company pissing match with Comcast (there goes my abysmal NHL coverage too!) Doug Flutie will be in the booth and Kordell Stewart will serve as a sideline reporter. Winner gets to kiss Kordell!

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