09.08.10 7 years ago 47 Comments

BAD NEWS, EVERYONE! It is with a heavy heart and bloated entrails that I must inform you dears readers that KSK will not be (YES WE WILL!) live blogging any games this coming regular season. Carrying out my other job as evening editor at SB Nation makes it impossible for me to handle both tasks at the same time. And frankly, none of the other KSK writers really want to take on that workload, either. Lucky for you, there’s this thing called Twitter, which is essentially an ongoing live blog ALL THE TIME FOR EVERYTHING. If you follow the official KSK feed, you’ll be treated to the same warmed-over lazy commentary you’ve come to expect from the live blog. And should anything screencap or YouTube-worthy happen during the games, I’ll be chained to my computer over at SBN, so don’t you worry your pretty little head none.

SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE: Commenter Stu Scott Booyahs has said he’s willing to run the live blogs while I’m busy making sure my apartment doesn’t get foreclosed on. LIVEBLOGMAS IS SAVED!!!!

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