Houston Strip Club Sues Man After He Skips Out On One-Month $321,000 Tab

10.14.13 4 years ago 7 Comments

A strip club sued a Texas banker after they say the man used his employer’s credit card to run up a $321,000 tab in a one month span and then cancelling the charges like a true baller, shot caller.

From July to August of this year, CIT banker James Jay Beckman made about 14 trips to Houston’s Privilege and paid for each outing using his employer’s American Express card. Privilege says Beckman accrued over $320,000 in charges during his spree. Allegedly using the card, Beckman spent about $25,000 per trip on things like bottle service, lap dances and other strip clubby amenities.

In their lawsuit against both Beckman and CIT Group, Privilege claims Beckman paid off his tab with the company card and then called American Express a few days later to complain about unauthorized charges. The move led to Amex not only refunding the charges but also cancelling their relationship with the Houston strip club. As a result, Privilege claims they lost the ability to process Amex payments and also lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

But the best part is Beckman may be a repeat offender. According to the lawsuit, last year Beckman ran up a tab at another strip club and then had the charges reversed. And a Houston attorney is claiming to be representing “several strip clubs” where Beckman has “pulled the same stunt.” Ha!

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