04.18.11 6 years ago 17 Comments

T-SIZZLE ONLY BANGING CELINE DION AURALLY Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs recently sat down for an interview on NFL Network to address some insipid comments by former teammate Bart Scott about how the Ravens aren’t as loose since John Harbaugh took over as head coach.

To let This Fuggin Bart Guy know that Suggs is, in fact, calmer’n you are, he relayed the following:

“Really, Bart. We have fun. That first year, we had that change and it was kind of weird. But you don’t think me and Haloti Ngata don’t have fun? I’m the loosest guy in the NFL. It’s still a very loose locker room. I’m still banging Celine Dion out of my locker.”

At that point, Fran Charles had to jump in and clarify that Suggs was talking about Dion’s music, so as to avoid a thoroughgoing Mike Florio investigation into whether Celine Dion has indeed become a Bawlmer locker room floozy. A shame she hasn’t. There’s nothing a good Suggs bleaching wouldn’t do for her face.

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