07.21.11 6 years ago 35 Comments

While You Wait For The Lockout To End, Do Enjoy This Light Book-Whoring Intermission. If you like this site and you’re attending Comic Con (and surely there is cross-pollination there), then I should let you know that I’ll be at Comic Con this Saturday doing one of their panel discussions (details at the link). You can also buy copies of The Postmortal a full month before it drops in stores, and I’ll sign them for you with whatever Rex Ryan impression you like. Something really lame, like THAT’S GREAT READIN’! Also, if you aren’t at Comic Con (and thus a normal person), you should know that I’ll be making stops to whore the book out this fall in DC, Brooklyn, Atlantic City, Austin, and possibly a few more places. I’ll post details as we get nearer. It’ll be fun. SORT OF. MAYBE. TELL YOU IN A FEW PARAGRAPHS, JON.

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