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Alan Black/David Henry Sterry, Spencer Hall. In the wake of Blogs With Balls 3, Ryan reads the news. Newcomer Shakey unveils his new game show, which might be the only game show on Earth dumber than “Deal Or No Deal.”

19:34. PUNTE interviews the authors of The Glorious World Cup: A Fanatics Guide, Alan Black and David Henry Sterry (Alan’s the one with the awesome Scottish accent. It would have been nice if I had figured this out before the interview had ended).

33:45. Spencer Hall drops by for a visit to discuss the backstory of his college football blog, “Every Day Should Be Saturday,” and also his confrontation during my panel at Blogs With Balls 3 (skip over the jump for video; roll to the 24:00 mark).

Hosted by Josh Zerkle and Brandon Moskal. Recorded June 9, 2010. Runs 64 minutes. Listen on the embeddable player, download the ep here and follow HOUSE OF PUNTE: The KSK Podcast on iTunes.

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