3D Printers Now Making Ears?

02.24.11 7 years ago 2 Comments

We’ll spare you all the ear puns and wordplay, mostly because we used them all up years ago on the guy at right. But we bet he wished he’d waited, as Cornell has something a lot more awesome on tap.
3D printers are, of course, incredibly handy, speeding up everything from prototyping new products to looking really awesome at the office. But Cornell professor Hod Lipson (…is there a scientist with a normal name?) asked why we couldn’t print out custom prosthetics, like if somebody lost an ear, what would prevent us from just printing a new one out.
Nothing, apparently. Even better, this work establishes that high-resolution scans paired with 3D printers will make printing out replacement body parts possible some day. Imagine getting bone cancer and just swapping out your femur for a new one. It’s that kind of awesome.
Video of the future of prosthetics and custom make up on the next slide.

[ via the cyborgs at Engadget ]

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