49ers-Cardinals Live Blog, Second Half

10.29.12 5 years ago 531 Comments

It seems rather trivial to be still talking football while a good 70% of Manhattan is Instagramming the Empire State Building being their sole source of light and Halloween is being rescheduled for Saturday in Western Pennsylvania and possibly New Jersey. But  the old saw goes, the show must go on and we’re being treating to quite a display of San Francisco defense which has held Arizona – as of this typing — negative 2 5 rushing 6 yards rushing and 63 yards passing.

Two short yardage touchdown passes to Michael Crabtree and a 43-yard field goal from David Akers for the Niners have been the only scoring drives of the game while on the other side of the ball, John Skelton seems determined to get Larry Fitzgerald killed by hanging him out to dry in a manner that would make even Fetus Head wince in terror.

Via @XmasApe

As always, people watching their team lose while wearing racial insensitive costumes just seem to be the happiest sons of a gun on the planet, especially when standing next to the angel ghost of White Swan who seems to be watching something going on at the plaza level fondue stand.

Stay safe in the live blog below during the second half.

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