49ers fan shoots Seahawks fans over bandwagon taunts

01.21.14 4 years ago 48 Comments

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This 49ers-Seahawks rivalry continues to be ALL CLASS. After Sunday’s hard-hitting but let’s-not-kid-ourselves-kind-of-sloppy NFC Championship game, a 49ers fan in Fresno didn’t take kindly to some taunting over being a “new” fan of the team – i.e., a bandwagon – by, of all things, Seahawks fans. Because we all know that the 12th man is completely a Seattle-only thing and that no fans anywhere else in sports have ever been really loud or caused a stadium earthquake or anything like that. You are all snowflakes, Seahawks fans.

(No, not that being part of a fanbase that’s as bandwagon and insufferable as they come means they deserved what happened. I digress.)

Anyway, after the game at a viewing party for the game crammed with 15 people (including a pregnant woman, though whether or not she is pregnant by Shawn Kemp is known), the 49ers fan got all pissed off and decided to go full HAM, also known as “Pulling a Richard Sherman,” on his tormenters. At first, he reportedly waved a knife at the 12th Men but everyone knows you don’t bring a knife to a mouth-off. So the guy did the next logical thing: grabbed a gun and opened fire. The two wounded Seahawks fans were shot in the leg, neither injury life-threatening. The shooter also suffered a stab wound, possibly at the hands of Colin Kaepernick trying to drive a dagger into his heart.

People are stupid and these two teams get to play each other twice a year because YOLO.

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