49ers-Seahawks Live Blog, First Half

12.23.12 5 years ago 520 Comments

Two stout defenses with mobile QBs in their first year of starting? I’ll be shocked if Peter King doesn’t drop a Xerox of Fate reference during the pregame.

The Seahawks can still overtake the Niners and take the NFC West title should they win tonight and next week and San Francisco also drops its final game, however unlikely it is that the 49ers drop their Week 17 game against the Cardinals at home. Once it was Pete Carroll infamously asking “what’s your deal?” after Harbaugh’s Stanford team blew out Carroll’s Trojans in 2009. Last week, it was Carroll running up the score on the Bills and earning the eternal contempt of Chan Gailey. Are both coaches just dicks who are prone to be dickish when given the opportunity? Absolutely they are, as are most coaches.

Justin Smith, who took over for Aaron Smith as the burly white guy so often cited by announcers as one of the most underrated people in football, has been ruled out for the game. Richard Sherman, however, will play as the league has yet to make a ruling on his suspension appeal.

Really, all I can ask for is a watchable game after that godawful late afternoon slate of plodding blowouts. With the AFC playoffs almost entirely wrapped up, next week is shaping up to be much better. If this game sucks, probably a good thing that Christmas is around to distract people from realizing that the NFL was shitty on Sunday.

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