The 49ers Tell Their Fans How To Cheer

12.05.13 4 years ago 23 Comments


While Seahawks fans are setting world records for crowd noise, the folks who populate Candlestick Park are getting pointers from their team on how and when to cheer. That’s not a good look. Though in recent years, 49ers games have become a setting for some particularly violent episodes, the longstanding reputation of 49ers fans, fair or not, has been of a subdued “wine and cheese” crowd.

In advance of Sunday’s game against Seattle, the team sent the following letter to fans. Well, at least the part after the bolded title that reads “INTRODUCING THE 49ERS HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE PLAN FOR GAMEDAY”. The rest was part of an internal memo that was obtained by Deadspin.

As much I love the part where the letter explains that fans should just listen for the foghorn because there’s no other way they could tell if their own team, I could do without the confusion of “queue” and “cue”. “That’s right! Know your queues. There’s a queue for concessions! There’s a queue for the bathroom! There’s a queue to get out of the stadium because someone just got stabbed in your section!”

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