4th and Goal, The RobotsFightingDinosaurs Story: Chapter 1 Recap

09.02.14 3 years ago 16 Comments


First and foremost, I wanted to thank you all for joining me a few days ago as I began my journey to the Super Bowl. As you know, if you were watching on Twitch, it was… a rough start. My coaches refused to play me in the first preseason game, and after badgering them into starting me when the season started, I realized that, well, I might not have been exactly ready to lead the Raiders. It’s hard to be an NFL quarterback. People call you names. They start memes like ROBOCEPTION and DINOFUMBLE even when COME ON MOST OF THOSE WEREN’T MY FAULT.

I threw at least twice as many interceptions than I did touchdowns.

I have been sacked more times than I can count.

I fumbled at the goal line on a read option play that would have won the game.

All that was supposed to change, though. At our matchup against Miami over in London, I was finally starting to feel my groove. With time expiring in OT, I was marching down the field using a combination of my raw skill, improving passing awareness, and heart. With 1:30 left, I stood around the 20 yard line, ready to continue marching downfield to give our kicker a better chance to win us the game. Coach Allen, however, had other ideas. He took me out of the game, and put Janikowski in to ice the game with a short kick.

He missed.

London was treated to a 14-14 tie between the Raiders and the Dolphins.

I obviously need to go back to the drawing board here. This is unacceptable, not just to me and the Raiders organization, but to you. By the next stream (which will take place this Friday at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific) I promise you, I’ll find something to give me an edge. Just, uh, keep this on the DL. The NFL brass doesn’t need to know about this.

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