5 Comics That HBO Should Tackle

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02.23.12 22 Comments
“Game of Thrones” has been a huge hit for HBO, the network that pretty much defines itself on making high-quality television at this point. And with reason; it’s a great show, one of the network’s best.

But this leaves HBO in a conundrum, especially since “The Walking Dead” is a huge hit, and “True Blood” is another major HBO moneymaker: where should their next genre show come from?

As you may have guessed, we have a suggestion: just as one of HBO’s earliest hits, “Tales from the Crypt”, came from comics, it’s a well they should go back to. Specifically with these five books.

#5) “The Heckler”

OK, OK, “The Heckler” is fairly obscure, even by comic standards. But it also happens to be hilarious, Keith Giffen unrestrained by any semblance of continuity or editorial control. It features clown-hunting robots, reasonable disfigured Mafiosi, and one lone hero/diner owner who can never get the neon sign he ordered.

#4) “Nextwave”

Ideally, this book would receive the trilogy of nine-figure-budgeted features it deserves (paying attention, Disney?). Unfortunately, we do not live in an ideal world. But for HBO, a series like this is workable, especially if its animated…and it’d be way better than most of their recent sitcoms.

#3) “Prophet”

The recent reboot of this forgotten Rob Liefeld concept is pretty much sheer brilliance: a somewhat bleak, alien space opera with a strong flavor of Howard and Burroughs. Only two issues in, it’d make a great ongoing show, if for no other reason than there’d literally be no other show like it on the air.

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