5 Pieces of X-Ray Tech that Can You Carry In Your Hand

10.04.11 6 years ago

X-ray technology has come a long way from the early days of standing in front of a device that may give you cancer while your doctor checks to see if you had any in the first place. The devices that radiologists use to check for growths in the shape of famous people are now easy to transport. This way, medical personnel can actually check for serious problems in the field before having to drag them into a cold room and help them discover they have claustrophobia on top of whatever else they are suffering from. And the best part is that doctors  aren’t the only people using this miniature see-through technology in their respective field (no, Hustler hasn’t pick one up, yet).

The Backpack X-Ray

X-ray technology and the military haven’t had the strongest of relationship, despite what pop culture implies. There are no X-ray satellites that can see into walls from space and there are no special programs that put liquid radiation into soldiers’ pupils to help them see through solid objects (that we know of). The problem has been its portability and accessibility in the field and one British company may have the answer. The Prism 200c, also known as the “Backpack X-ray,” allows soldiers to see through walls made of bricks, wood and concrete without pesky obstacles such as doors, doorbells or knocking. It can also probably hold a laptop and various documents that you’d like to conveniently ignore.

The Briefcase X-Ray

Maybe backpacks aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re the kind of on-the-go radiologist who thinks that backpacks are only for hippies, middle schoolers and organs deliverymen who don’t like to have to explain to amateur X-ray technicians, aka TSA agents, why they are carrying a cooler through the terminal. A California based company aims to make in-the-field x-ray photography more business-like with a portable x-ray machine that can be carried like an ordinary briefcase. It’s being on “Mad Men” with clinical nudity.

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