5 Predictions For “Breaking Bad” Season 5

07.15.12 5 years ago 23 Comments

Like any classic series, the onset of Breaking Bad’s fifth and final season will be impossible to ignore. After Season 4’s explosive finale, the series can’t be described as anything less than television’s best. We want to see Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s walk away from the series intact, but that seems an impossibility at this point; the growing hole that they dig themselves into has to collapse into itself at some point.

But other than that, there are few statements we can really take as fact. How will the train derail? Who will die? What, exactly, will happen to Saul? As you prepare for Season 5’s first episode, consider the following predictions. Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

Season 5 premiers Sunday night at 10pm on AMC.

1. Walt is just getting started. Not exactly a bold prediction, but after his “I won” proclamation, it’s hard to see him slowing down for anyone or anything. Look for Mr. White to set up a new base of operations – numerous promotion pictures show Jesse and Walt posted around an abandoned warehouse. Of course, his insistence on being the man will only lead to one thing…

2. The cartel will return. The meth game is dangerous, and Walt isn’t going to run the American southwest without opposition. Look for either an up-and-coming American ring or the cartel to challenge Walt; and considering Breaking Bad has never been a show to artificially infuse bad guys, it’s much easier to envision a new cartel sanction popping up. Whatever the case, Mr. White and Jesse will have to micromanage like never before.

3. Mike or Saul will snitch. After almost getting killed in Mexico, Mike – a family man – wants out of the game. Saul was also given a good scare, preparing himself to start a new life should things with Gus get out of hand. It’s safe to assume that both want out at this point: Mike because of self-preservation, Saul because he’s a me-first guy. But considering both are in too deep to just walk away, at least one will have no other option but cooperate with the DEA. Could Hank get involved here?

4. Skyler broke bad. Running the family’s money-laundering operation imbued Mr. White’s wife with the same kind of energy that Walt’s been consuming since season 1. How this fact manifests itself will be bad for the entire family – rather than serve as Walt’s moral compass, Skyler will influence him to dig a deeper hole, one that will eventually tear their family apart.

5. Jesse kills Walt. Season 5 is built around a lie: that Gus poisoned Walt. This truth – and the fact that Walt was in some ways responsible for the death of Jesse’s first girlfriend, Jane – will come back to bite him when the emotional Jesse inevitably catches wind. How that truth will surface is very much up in the air, though.

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